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Feb 21, 00:00 by John Frost
Good, bad, suggestions, requests. Tell us what you think.
Feb 22, 14:38 by Chris Dodson
Very classy site, Mr. Frost. I like the fact that you've put more emphasis on content than on the slow-loading animations, scripts, etc., that plague other sites. One of these days I might join the rest of the country and get broadband, but until I do, I appreciate the simplicity of IROSF.

And the articles ain't half-bad, either! I especially enjoy Bluejack's short fiction reviews and John Joseph Adams' sub-genre surveys.
Feb 22, 15:18 by Bluejack
> I like the fact that you've put more emphasis on content
> than on the slow-loading animations, scripts, etc., that
> plague other sites.

Thanks for that!

One of the reasons, and this may amuse the techies out there, this site is currently served by a linux box running on a P-133 with 32 meg ram. There's not enough disk space on this bad boy to store all those images. There are cell phones with more processing power than this thing. We have to keep it simple!

Feb 25, 23:29 by E Thomas
Anyway, I really like the simplicity of the site, although I am so used to doing fancy formatting that I keep accidentally typing in tags that don't work and make me feel like a dweeb. :)

I also have liked the articles so far. It is a great idea to have an emphasis on criticism, not just "so I liked and/or didn't like this recent story...go get it." I also like the sub-genre spotlights and bluejack's spotlights where you get recommended reading. Those are really neat for catching readers up on what they missed and/or are missing. I also liked the fan/family essay and the Klingons and Shakespeare speculation was quite amusing, too.

All in all, I am impressed so far. And bluejack is doing a great job with the site. Linux! Cool. Nothing wrong with the KISS rule.
Feb 26, 20:16 by Mark Fredlick
Wonderful! Was very glad to find your website! A nice literate approach to SF and a webpage format that does not overwhelm the senses. The reviews by bluejack are an excellent way to find out about stories I've missed, and I can then go back to catch up.

A downloadable format would be very nice. I can't always get online to read, but if I could download a readable format and take it with I could read over lunch.
Mar 21, 17:42 by Mark Hubbard
As I've just said on another thread at last a speculative fiction review/critique site with intelligence.

To hell with Tangent, IROSF will be my source of such material from now on.
Mar 21, 20:59 by John Frost
Thanks Tribeless... I do want to point out that Tangent and IROSF are doing substantially different things, so I don't see there being direct competition here.

For comprehensive coverage of short fiction, I don't think Tangent can be beat.

But I am glad you like IROSF.
Sep 15, 20:40 by
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