What do you want to see?

Feb 21, 00:00 by John Frost
We already have requests to publish the Review in other formats. Do you second this? If so, what formats?

What other requests would you like to see?
Feb 22, 14:00 by Chris Dodson
One thing I'd like to see is retrospective reviews and criticism of the field's classic short fiction. There are a few places devoted to short fiction reviews, but they're all geared toward current work. I think a classic review column could go a long way toward familiarizing newer readers (such as myself) with the genre's great works.
Feb 22, 14:16 by Chris Dodson
Some favorite sub-genres of mine that I'd like to see discussed:

hard SF
posthuman/Singularity stories
"nothing as it seems" stories (Philip K. Dick-type stuff)
unreliable narrator stories (not really a subgenre, I guess, but I like 'em anyway)
transcendental stories (Arthur C. Clarke-type stuff)

I'd also like to see studies of foreign-language SF stories and writers.

Feb 24, 09:44 by Andreas Flögel
I like to read on my pda. Not novels, but short stories, essays, news and reviews. So having IROSF on my pda would be great.

The format I prefer is for the Mobipocket-Reader (www.mobipocket.com). Files for this reader can be read on
a multidude of different devices. Not only PC, PocketPC and Palm, but also Psion and even some Smartphones.

As input for the publisher-software HTML is one of the possibilities, so it should not be to hard to derive a mobipocket file from the version on this site.

I was already thinking about trying to do this for myself. Perhaps if the output is presentable, I can share it with others.

Keep up the good work
Andreas Flögel

Mar 6, 23:06 by Christina Rivera
One standard format seems to be the .pdf document aka Adobe Acrobat Reader. Though I would implore whoever designs the pdf document to please not give us Arial font size 24 or something else equally horrendous. *laughing* I've had authors send me reviews like this, with enormous type, that I wouldn't even bother printing because it was a waste of paper. So, you know...your basic size 10 or 12 always looks nice, and it helps those of us who have a hard time reading on screens, since it's easily printable.
Mar 23, 01:08 by Mark Hubbard
No. Repeat: NOOOOO

Please not pdf. I only read ebooks on a handheld (PocketPC), and pdf just doesn't work on the handheld sized screen ... its bad enough having to scroll down, but left, right and down. No thank you. Plus pdf files are way too big for handhelds (which means slow).

My preferred format is Palm (secure or unsecure format, I'm not fussed on which), mobipocket, or if pushed LIT (although never LIT DRM version which is simply a stupid business model that I would never buy into - unlike Palm's secure format which encrypts round a credit card number and is much more user friendly).
Mar 23, 09:41 by Bluejack

We can (and will) do several different formats. Probably in order of simplest to hardest. Those with published formats we can write to directly will be first priority; those with proprietary formats requiring costly conversion software will be (considerably) lower in priority.

At this stage we are not looking at getting into any tricky DRM formats.
Mar 26, 17:38 by Bluejack
Hey folks, I'm starting to dig into other formats now. It turns out they are a little more proprietary than I expected. I am going to reverse engineer what I can, but anything that requires expensive conversion software is going to be on hold for a while.
Apr 15, 19:12 by Bluejack
I have been looking into other formats. Mobipocket will probably not be one of them, as they charge for their publishing software. With the next issue, I hope to have
a palm format (palm doc and palm ebook), and also an adobe version. I can expand to other formats, but until we kick in paid subscriptions, it probably won't be proprietary formats with expensive publishing software requirements -- unless there are an awful lot of requests.
Apr 24, 03:20 by andreas
Hello bluejack,

There is an easy and free way to convert for mobipocket. The mobipocket webcompanion that comes with the free version of the mobipocketreader (but not with the PC version, you have to get the palm or ppc version) has a builtin publish function, that works fine for me.

Earlier I also did some testing with the other publisher. IMHO it is not worth the money and not what I would call user friendly.

But with the webcompanion it is easy, as long as the text is given in one HTML-file.

Normally I use [A href="www.sitescooper.org"]sitesscooper[/A] to grep the sites and built one HTML-file from them and then the webcompanion to get a mobipocket-file.

I would have done it here also, but you have to be logged in to scoope the site :(
Otherwise, I would have prepared a sample for you.

Apr 24, 08:52 by Bluejack
I'll take a look at it. My concern there is that the MobiPocket web site is pretty clear that the free version of their publisher is for personal use only... I'm not sure jf will let me play it fast and loose with their regulations.

However, I am going to do a pdf version, and part of the conversion process for that will be generating a whole-issue-in-one-html-file -- I can certainly make that html file available for other people to convert to formats of their choice.

In a week or two I should have the pdf version and a basic palm doc version available. I also hope to have a couple of 'skins' of the site available for people with limited browsers (older versions of netscape, web-tv, and pdas). Once I am in the thick of that, I'll send jf to have a look at mobipocket's terms of use.

PS. to make your link work i think you need the http:// part of the link -- I should fix that.
Apr 24, 09:13 by Andreas Flögel
Hi bluejack,

I had not thought about the difference between private and other uses. So I also do not know whether the builtin publish function of the webcompanion can be used. Sorry for that.

But it would be great, if you could make the whole-issue-in-one-html-file version available.

Thanks in advance

Apr 24, 14:39 by John Frost
I'll take a look at the terms of use for the built in publish function. Eventually we will spring for the publisher package -- $149 won't break the bank, and mobipocket does seem to be a widely used format.

I was hoping to make single issues available through fictionwise, in all the formats they use, but it looks as though fictionwise is not interested.

However, there's another side to the mobipocket platform that is also in our radar: and that's rss. I'm not quite sure when we're going to get to that one, but RSS is also a format I'd like to be publishing in, which could make the site available to a number of devices.
May 25, 21:01 by Elizabeth Thomas
Okay, this is getting nitpicky...but if you are in an archived issue, there is not a really quick and easy way to get to the most recent issue. I know this is kind of silly. Every other page seems to have it, so you just have to click some other page and then go up to the left and click "Curr Issue." However, it could be quicker. The only potential problem I see with giving a "Curr Issue" link in the archived issues is that maybe links for all the pages would have to be updated to the current issue each time...:( If it is too much of a pain, no need to do it. But I find myself often flipping behind articles in Archives and the current issue, and that extra step can start to add up.
Jun 15, 06:25 by Hellen
RSS is for news only.
Jun 15, 08:40 by John Frost
And you don't think this is news? Well, maybe not. But people use RSS for many things these days, and news is only one of them. Many magazines issue RSS 'feeds' and bloggers, too.

And, EThomas, it's not *that* nitpicky -- it's a good
point about usability. We'll have a look at that.
Oct 28, 21:05 by Jeremiah Sturgill
I think a good feature would be some versatility in the coloring (allowing the user to either specify their own color scheme, or pick from one of several presets).

Definitely not a must, as the default works and is aesthetically pleasing, but if you've got extra time and nothing else to do, it would be a plus.

Apr 20, 04:51 by Christina Francine
Have you thought about a print copy? I know this is 'The Internet Review of Science Fiction.'
Apr 20, 09:31 by Bluejack
We have certainly thought about copies in other formats: PDF, LIT, and the formats for portable readers. As for going print, it would be a big change in the economics.
Jul 9, 19:29 by Elizabeth Thomas
I haven't stopped by here in awhile due to real life work taking over my time, but I just visited again--and I have to say, thank you so much. It is a lot easier to navigate between archives and the current issue now! I appreciate it a lot.

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