Comments on I.1

Feb 21, 00:00 by John Frost
The forums weren't available for I.1, but that doesn't mean you can't talk about it.
Feb 29, 06:32 by Ryan Williams
I just found out about IRSF via a link at Locus Online. I've read through the first issue and enjoyed much of the content. I'm looking forward to reading the second issue and the issues to come.

I do have one suggestion. The design is well done with a good use of css. Given the strengths of the design it would be nice if there was an option to choose a css design for PDAs. Maybe even a couple options, a "plain-text" view for those with low-resolution screens, smartphones, etc., and a more enhanced view for the high-res handheld screens. Both Sony & palmOne have new hi-res devices out now. I use my Sony Clie as my primary device to connect wirelessly at home and other Wi-Fi spots. The current layout works fairly well but does require scrolling to the right. I think an option to choose designs under "My Account" would be well received.

Anyhow, great start. It looks to be a promising year.

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