More About Mars

Feb 21, 20:44 by John Frost
Share your thoughts on Mars, Science Fiction or Science Fact, right here.
Feb 22, 11:39 by Elizabeth Thomas
I think the first Mars stories I ever read were Bradbury's <i>The Martian Chronicles</i>. I'm afraid I haven't read too many since then--it is just so intimidating to know where to start. I really appreciate these lists that John Joseph Adams is putting together here.
Aug 19, 21:21 by Ryder W. Miller
The place to start is The War of the Worlds, then Burrough's John Carter Warlord of Mars series, then The Martian Chronicles and then the newer books published recently. In this way you will see that we conquored the Martians of our imagination only to take up their aggression. Of the newer Mars books written before the Millenium I would recommend The Martian Race by Gregory Benford and White Mars by Aldiss and .... Greg Bear and Kim Stanley Robinson recent Mars books are not that bad either.

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