Whales as Aliens

Feb 22, 10:53 by M. Garcia
First off, I have not yet had a chance to read Storyteller, although Ms. Barrette's review certainly makes a compelling case for it.

However: when I read this review, the first question in my mind was, what sort fo statement (if any) does Thomson intend by making her aliens so direct a corrolary of whales. Apparently they look like whales, sing like whales, and are the same sort of gentle giants as whales.

Given that, in American culture at any rate, whales are iconic for certain political and environmental philosophies, does Thomson intend Storyteller as some sort of allegory for current events?

Not having read the book, I don't have any answers, but whales seem too large a mythic creature to simply show up by accident. Thomson must mean something by it. Any ideas?

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