Second thread

Mar 3, 16:23 by Bluejack
Second thread under test.
Mar 3, 16:58 by Bluejack
Follow up.
Mar 3, 17:02 by Anonymous
Nothing to say.
Mar 3, 17:13 by John Q. Smith
Reply to opener message, with some bold and some italic formatting.
Mar 3, 17:42 by Bluejack
Follow up to the first reply, and let's do a quote:

This is quoted text!

Mar 3, 17:49 by Bluejack
Testing links. Bug List

And now a link that shouldn't work: [a=/buglist.qsml]Bug List[/a]
Apr 21, 16:06 by Bluejack
Now, why doesn't quoting work?

Here is a span of quoted material, or theoretically quoted material. It should work within a block of text;

It should work across line returns;

It should be able to contain formatted text.

Why doesn't it?

There, that should make for a test...
Apr 21, 16:20 by Bluejack
Now, let's see quotes within quotes!

This is a quotation from one guy;
And this
it another one!

And this is back to the first one...

And this should be out.
Dec 15, 11:23 by
Hmm.... this is relly something interesting


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