Comments concerning short fiction

Mar 11, 12:36 by Robert Brown
I believe I liked St Ailbe's Hall more than you did, Mr Jackson. I felt a tremendous sense of uplift myself when I finished it, as though the contemplation of God is in itself a method of enhancing the merely human into a higher realm of sentience. I didn't find the actions of the morons terribly unrealistic, though I'd prefer to think Catholics in Minnesota would be a bit more accommodating. I thought the antagonistic Carolyn character who mis-interprets the bible verse at the end was an excellent illustration in what goes wrong with the transmission of wisdom.

To William Sanders: I regard your story "When This World Is All on Fire" quite highly. I can't say I regard you very highly now. Was your flame *really* necessary?

Mar 11, 17:45 by Bluejack
I suppose it is not so much a point of realism, as what makes for good fiction: I think a tension between heartfelt and comprehensible opinions makes for stronger drama that tensions between those who are obviously good and those who are obviously just barbaric. I love that the hero was a priest, finding his way through a complex moreal and emotional position, and doing so in a spiritual way; I don't object to the realistic portrayal of ignorant hoodlums; but I do wish there was some sort of reasonable voice casting a bit of doubt on his ultimate decision. When evil throws bricks, it's just an enemy. When evil seduces... then it's interesting.

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