The Spirit of the Law

Mar 21, 16:10 by John Frost
Have you read Shinn's novels? What do you think? If you haven't, are you likely to?
Apr 5, 04:17 by Erika Lacey
Indeed read the Samaria books -- first three, anyway. I recall at the time thinking that the science was on the far edge of fuzzy, but was fascinated with the world building. I started with Jovah's Angel one afternoon and was visiting a friend later on that day and found she had the complete series, and so started anew. It really is best to read them in chronological publishing order, for that way one gets all of the things one would have missed otherwise. I got more out of JA that way. Now I'm curious to see how it would have been in order of story chronology if I sat down and read them that way as well.

A lot of people would bypass Shinn for the strong romance elements. All of her books have that. The Samaria world is the best of all that I've read of hers, for sure.

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