Short Fiction

Mar 21, 16:11 by John Frost
The usual question: did Bluejack miss something you thought deserved more attention? Did he get something wrong?
Mar 23, 01:03 by Mark Hubbard
I think that Ideomancer publishs some class stories. Would be good to see that publication included in the short fiction reviews.
Mar 23, 09:38 by Bluejack
Thanks, Tribeless,

I am familiar with them, and will take a closer look at it.
Mar 24, 20:50 by Chris Dodson
Another excellent column, Bluejack. Keep up the good work!

If I ever get around to reading March short stories, I'll add some of my favorites. One that I would like to mention is Severna Park's "The Three Unknowns" from SCIFICTION (although it probably came out too late for review here). It's a very good satire of science and academia, and is the best SF story I've read so far this year.
Sep 6, 08:25 by frog pill
Ever considered Oceans of the Mind for review in the Short Fiction column? They've been publishing themed short fiction issues for a number of years.
Sep 6, 17:56 by Lois Tilton
I've never seen a copy.
Feb 13, 16:52 by
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