Cutting Out the Parts...

Mar 21, 16:14 by John Frost
Have you read Vukcevich? Do you think Jay's on target here? Is this guy the real thing?
Mar 21, 17:38 by Mark Hubbard
Jay's scores a direct hit. I read a lot of short fiction, but over the last six months only one name sticks in my mind as stunningly original: Vukcevich.

Like no other author,Vukcevich leaves images and ideas in my mind that stay long after I've read the stories. For example, the family sitting at the table with bags on their heads, a bed in a room surrounded by talc powder with footstep imprints.

Mind you, the philosophical slant implicit in his stories, that is, that particular brand of subjectivism that states reality is only as the individual sees it, I do have problems with, but that's only because I'm a crusty objectivist, and it doesn't change the brilliance of his writing, both content and style.

One query I would have on Jay's piece is that he mentions Vukcevich has written a novel. If so I'd love to read it, but I can't find reference anywhere to same. I'd love to see how he turns his subject matter into the longer form of the novel.
Mar 21, 20:30 by Jay Lake
Anent the novel, see at for Man of Maybe Half a Dozen Faces
Mar 21, 20:31 by Michael Kelly
I've not read much Vukcevich; perhaps 3 or 4 pieces all told. But Jay has nailed it. A style so smooth that it seems he has no style. When I read a Vukcevich story it puts me in mind of John Cheever.

Mar 24, 09:29 by Ellen Datlow
Jay a very nice analysis of "The Wages of Syntax." Now I have to go reread it. :-)
Mar 24, 14:56 by shawn scarber
Thanks for pushing Ray, like the addictive drug he is. I first read his work in Witpunk and instantly wanted more than I could ever metabolize.

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