The March Issue

Mar 21, 16:17 by John Frost
You know, it feels funny calling it the March issue when March is nearly over. Should I follow the print mags and call this the April issue?
Mar 21, 17:28 by Mark Hubbard
Regarding your question, I don't know :) I've never figured the issue of chronology and these publications out: for example, F&SF and Asimov's always seem to be about two months ahead of real time. How's that work?

But that's not why I'm posting. This is just to say well done on the March issue: the depth of the criticism is superb. Especially Jay Lake's piece on Vukcevich, and the short fiction reviews.

At last a speculative fiction review publication with intelligence.
Mar 23, 15:51 by Allan Rosewarne
Call it the May issue if that rocks your boat. The cover date is IMO irrelevant. What is relevant is the continued delivery of good content, that provokes and initiates thinking and careful consideration, and further exploration on the part of your readers. FYI, I think I heard once that the dating of magzines with cover dates that far exceed their issue dates is an advertising driven circumstance.

One extra comment a bloger called your internet magazine "thin". Excuse me, compared to what the dozens of other critical magazines, internet and/or print based, that cover SF. Oh, what's the comment from the back of the room, "there are not dozens of critical magazines covering SF". Well...(and the comment came through a blog, is there any other indication of the extinction of useful content on the internet except through the proliferation of weblogs) I guess that last sounds a little snarky.

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