Forum Bug in # of Messages

Mar 21, 20:58 by John Frost
Bluejack... looks like the number of messages increments even when an edit occurs.
Mar 22, 13:19 by Lavie Tidhar
I was just going to post that.

Also, why aren't the formatting codes standard html? it took me three edits to work out it was [] and not <> - and when you go back to edit it comes out as a jumbled string of characters.
Mar 22, 18:06 by Bluejack
Answer is in the parsing.

We can't let normal html pass through without running various security risks, as well as the age-old problem of people entering bad html that ends up messing up the whole page (or making it invisible, or crashing browsers, or entering script that might be a security risk to other people visiting the site).

But because the underlying software handles so much html, having it scan for < or > tags ends up slowing things down quite a lot.

This is not too far from UBB code, so it will not be too startling to some users. Others will just have to adapt, I'm afraid. Or don't use formatting.
Mar 26, 17:23 by Bluejack
Ok, number of messages bug is fixed.
Sep 11, 07:44 by
Thanks for fixing that!

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Sep 15, 20:22 by

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