ISFDB updates

Mar 30, 21:58 by John Joseph Adams
Ack! Your friendly Sub-Genre Spotlighter here. Just wanted to let you folks know that the ISFDB made some modifications to their database recently, which is great, but it messed up a bunch of the links to the stories referenced in my Sub-Genre Spotlight articles. Looks like all the links to the author pages still work, but all the links to specific titles appear to be invalid now (or worse, they actually go to the *wrong* book).

Sorry about that.

Mar 31, 21:40 by Bluejack
Well, this is to be expected when linking off site. We have a longer term plan for book/author links, but unfortunately, it is still a month or three from completion -- it's too bad ISFDB didn't remain the static a little longer.

I don't know if I'll have time to hunt down corrections in April, either, but it's a possibility.

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