My Letter to Publishers Weekly

Apr 6, 12:33 by G. Miki Hayden
Dear Publishers Weekly editors:

I note with interest your cover story this week on science fiction. I do so particularly in light of your limited reviews within the genre, even the week that the genre is your main feature.

Thanks for the free issue, by the way. I subscribed for the free trial in the hope of seeing a review of my own book, New Pacific, which is out this month from Silver Lake Publishing. As I mentioned in my press material, this
was a sequel to Pacific Empire, which came out in 1998 with a rave in the NYTimes (included in the kit) and a listing on that year's summer recomended reading list. I also pointed out that my book Writing the Mystery, out in
2001, was triple award nominated--for the Anthony, Agatha, and Macavity, winning the Macavity.

I didn't at the time I submitted my book for review know that I was an Edgar nominee this year, for my short story "The Maids" in a Berkley anthology.

I do think, however, in the fact that I teach for Writer's Digest online and write for the magazine, which I remarked upon, you might have at least expected the work to be grammatical.

But then perhaps you didn't expect the publisher to buy an ad.

I have to further observe that all the reviews of science fiction in this week's issue--again, not many--are from the so-called traditional publishers. This, too, is interesting, in view of the fact that more and
more small press books are winning awards and receiving attention.

Let me say, finally, I am disappointed not to have been reviewed in Publishers Weekly for my April release. I didn't expect the fact that I know many people on staff at PW to influence your choice of books to review. But
I did anticipate that some credentials indicating excellence in both fiction and nonfiction would come into play.

Perhaps you will never mention me again. But, then, you didn't mention me now.

Thanks for reading to this point, if you did so.

G. Miki Hayden
WRITING THE MYSTERY, an Agatha and Anthony nomination, Macavity winner
NEW PACIFIC--at last, the sequel to PACIFIC EMPIRE--a corporate security
investigator is set to finding a missing scientist in 2031.
Edgar nominee for "The Maids" in BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS
"The Girl in Apartment 2A," coming in Babs Lakey's DIME from Quiet Storm

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