The Dark: New Ghost Stories

Apr 21, 14:46 by John Frost
How about you: were you scared?
Apr 23, 17:10 by Irina Khadiz
I haven't read this particular anthology, but I agree with Greg that the contemporary reader is pretty hard to scare. There comes a certain point when ghosts, and goblins, and ghouls, and things that go bump in the night are just not frightening (unless maybe it's really happening).

Our imaginations get so saturated by the tropes of scary stories that it takes something a little more immediate to trigger the fear impulses.
Nov 30, 08:51 by Ellen Datlow
I think unease and disquiet is much more important in creating and reading ghost stories than an outright "scare." Perhaps I emphasized my intent incorrectly when I wrote my introduction.

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