Giant Robots

Apr 21, 14:48 by John Frost
It's hard to imagine Cynthia missed anything, but don't let my skepticism prevent you from additing to the list!
Apr 21, 15:56 by Chris Dodson
Excellent article, Cynthia, and thanks for that humongous recommended viewing list. I'll be spending lots of time at the video store this month.
Apr 22, 14:27 by Ken Saint-Amand
Great article! I've seen a few of these and enjoyed
them all, especially 'Etranger'.

"Of course, if you apply hard-SF strictures to Hollywood's entire SF output, animated and live-action, about all you're left with is 2001: A Space Odyssey [1968]"

What about 'Andromeda Strain' or 'Colossus: Forbin Project'?

Anyways, just food for thought. Again, great job.

Apr 26, 14:47 by John Teehan
An impressive list following the article. Believe it or not, I've most of these on VHS tape--some as fansubs, some as just recorded straight off Japanese TV.

Having had to make lists for other people, I know that you can't include everything, and that everyone is going to want to add to your list... so....

For a good representative of military SF in Japanese anime, I recommend Legend of Galactic Heroes (longest OAV series in history)

For a good alternate-worlds story (with a couple of different incarnations) - El Hazard

Cheers! and an excellent job!
Aug 28, 18:30 by Bluejack
Anyone hear of something called "Berserk?"
Sep 8, 07:20 by Vernieda Vergara
Anyone hear of something called "Berserk?"

The manga about Guts (or however they romanized his name)? Yes. What about it? It is fantasy, if that's what you're asking. The manga unfolds differently from the anime.

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