Difficulties, Oddities, and Rarities

Apr 21, 14:49 by John Frost
The Small Press: the future of science fiction, or the fringe? What have you loved from the small presses?
Apr 23, 18:18 by Joe Tokamak
Thanks for that article, Rich... a spot-on analysis, I'd
say. I wonder if there isn't even some opportunity for
small presses in the major markets of pocket paperbacks and
the like? It seems like the big New York publishers are
stuck in a bit of a formula -- maybe an opportunity for
some ambitious small press?

Now we need someone to do a similar survey for digital
Apr 25, 13:46 by Richard Horton
Thanks, tokamak.

It does seem that pocket paperbacks might be a market that is being underserved, but I think you need an efficient mass distribution system to make money and take advantage of the economies of scale well enough to make the lower cost per unit worthwhile.

Or something. That was a long sentence, eh?

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