Fourth Issue!

Apr 21, 14:51 by John Frost
Wow, time flies, doesn't it? We know we still have a long way to go. Look for a bunch of new enhancements to forums and formats in the next week or two.
Apr 21, 15:58 by Chris Dodson
Best issue yet, John! Every single article was fascinating.
Apr 23, 17:06 by Irina Khadiz
I do think the issues are improving. By this time next year it may even be worth paying for...
Apr 26, 21:42 by Mark Hubbard
Yes, well done again. All the articles were interesting, as well as the editorial.

Might even be worth paying for before next year :)
Apr 27, 16:20 by John Frost
Glad you thought the editorial was okay. A few days after the whole thing was finished, I had a serious attack of the 'jees-what-a-self-indulgent-piece-of...'

It's not that the questions aren't important, but that my attempt at answering them suddenly seemed inadequate, wordy, pretentious, and irrelevant. And it might be, even so. I think next month I'll pick a somewhat smaller topic... like the Isaac Asimov stamp, maybe. Better yet, maybe there will be enough material in stock by then that people won't miss the absence of an editorial entirely.

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