interesting review...

Apr 22, 08:03 by M. Garcia
i'll admit i didn't see solaris when it came out in theaters, primarily because of the reviews it got. munteanu doesn't think much of the american movie-going public, it seems, but the reviewers i generally respect concluded that the film fell so far short of the philosophical strength of the book that it was more of a maudlin, hollywood scrap of sentiment than a worthy adaptation of the novel.

munteanu's review does put a persuasive enough spin on it that i may give it a try in rental. it still sounds a bit sentimental, but it also sounds like there's sufficient dialogue between book and film to make it interesting, even if, in the end, i don't care for soderbergh's interpretation.
Apr 30, 13:11 by Toad
As a review: Munteanu has taken an interesting path of reviewing both the book and the movie, comparing one with the other and ultimately providing her interpretation of the art. I see her piece more as an essay on Solaris, the work of art with references to book and movie to support her interpretations.

But when it comes to art - there is the fundamental concept of - It is up to the viewer to take in the experience and come to grips with what it reveals within themselves. Thus different people will have different interpretations.

There is only a battle within yourself and only if you hold conflict within yourself.
Here is a mind bender: How would the Dalai Lama experience Solaris. What about a baby?

One other thing to ponder: Solaris (the planet) behaves in a similar fashion to the mirror in Harry Potter. The Mirror in Harry Potter has these properties: what you see in the mirror is a reflection of what is in your heart; each person looking upon the Mirror will have a unique experience; the Mirror can be somewhat addictive and/or bring forth feelings of guilt and loss.

Overall, her review is well written and targeted to serious Sci-Fi fans with a University reading level.
May 1, 20:26 by nina munteanu
Thanks for the nice things you say about my review, "Toad". You bring up some interesting questions and comments. I like your comparison of the planet, Solaris, to the mirror in Harry Potter. In the end I think we will find that our inner universe is just a fractal "mirror" of our outer universe, which suggests much wonderful discovery in both directions -- Nina Munteanu

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