The New Forums!

Apr 23, 14:02 by Bluejack
Well, as I write this, you can't see them yet, because I am still testing them on the development server. In a couple of hours, however, a completely new version of the forums will be visible here.
Apr 23, 17:12 by John Frost
Looks good from here. I think the next big thing to drop in should be the customizeable appearance of user's names. Let them choose whether they want the username or their real name to appear on the forums.

After that, getting the user pages up would be nice. Any major bugs that you know of?
Apr 23, 17:13 by Bluejack
Yes, the "Show New" tab doesn't work yet. That's probably another day's labor. For now it's just a vestigial bit of screen that doesn't do anything.
Apr 23, 17:56 by Joe Tokamak
Well, if you ask me, everything's too freaking purple.
And what's with the user name on the next line?
Apr 23, 18:15 by Bluejack
Well, I don't know about the purple. It's blue on my monitor. I did find a bug for Netscape ... the names should be on the correct line now.
Aug 28, 12:29 by
Right! Ideally you described it all, that was it!

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