Testing New Forums!

Apr 23, 16:42 by Bluejack
Ok, I'm just running through all the edge cases here...
Apr 23, 16:43 by Bluejack
Total re-edit.
Apr 23, 16:55 by Anonymous
Anonymous post.
Apr 23, 16:57 by MadeUpName
A little more nothing.
Apr 23, 16:59 by Irina Khadiz
Exciting! I think this should work better. There's something missing, though, and I can't figure out what it is...

Apr 23, 17:00 by Bluejack
Well, I'm sure they'll tell us what it is... I think it's mostly working now. I am going to recompile everything and put it on the servers.
Apr 23, 17:01 by Irina Khadiz
It's too bad you can't obliterate these test posts, or make the whole thread private. I am sure they don't want to see this blather...
Apr 23, 17:02 by Irina Khadiz
Also, double check:
Quoted material!

Everything in order?
Apr 23, 17:03 by Irina Khadiz
Here's something: when you post, it should take you to the bottom of the list where your post is, rather than to the top. Fix that, bluejack!

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