Anyone else having problems with the LISTEN links in Vol 3?

Apr 24, 17:38 by Elizabeth Thomas
I am getting errors that an "XML syntax error was encountered" when I try to click the Listen links in JJA's interview with Stefan Rudnicki. Is this something I need to patch on my end or...?
Apr 24, 19:16 by Bluejack
I have had some trouble with those links also -- my RealOne player doesn't seem to think it can play them, either from irosf or from At least, not on my Win 98 machine. My laptop was able to play them a while back, but I don't have access to it today.

That said, the links appear to be accurate: They are still linking to valid content at Audible's site. You might make sure you have the latest version of Real Player. Other than that... I'm still looking into my own issues with the content. Once I figure that out, maybe I'll have more insight into yours.
Apr 25, 18:35 by John Joseph Adams
I was worried that something like that might happen. While bluejack works on the problem, if you want to circumvent the problem, you can easily just go to and use their search function to find the audio samples. Just plug in the name of the narrator in the narrator field and you should find samples. Audible has samples of every audiobook they sell, so you should be able to access them all with ease. Then again, if it's a real player issue, you might still have problems on your end. Audible also lets you listen using Windows Media player, if that would be easier for you.

Apr 27, 16:23 by John Frost
Seems to be working.

They seem to be loading fine on this machine. I don't know whether Audible was having a problem the other day, or whether some machines have trouble with their format. If anyone else has a problem feel free to post here. OS version & Real Player version might be helpful.

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