a time of confusion, again.

May 2, 09:44 by Steven Kolins
No one can doubt that we are in times of change of an order unlike any in the past. That being said there have been times in the past where things changed and diversity of change meant irreconsilable differences and war. Such a time was the last time Jesus walked the earth. A new empire ruled "the world" and some headed for the hills while others saw the magic of freedom in the eyes of a stranger. It would take the world several hundred years to be transformed by his messages though the changes didn't go far enough.

Further back in time you had the great changes from Greece to China with Socrates, Zoroaster, Confucious and Buddha.

Our world today began to pick up pace seriously in the 1800's - by the same scale as the above situations, we "all" may not know the reason for the day we live in until the 2100's or 2200's. One might hope the internet and television and the phone would spread the word faster and better but as we all know a lot of untruth gets shoved around the planet so people tune out a great deal and the truth may just walk right by and never be noticed.

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