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May 21, 15:46 by John Frost
Anything you want to say about this issue? The editorial? This is the place.
May 26, 06:49 by LP Turner
You said it all, when you stated that you were seeking to provide a global forum for the deep analysis that seeks to understand the heart, mind, and soul of the literature; that identifies the energies, the ideas, and the visions of our most visionary writers; and the cultural, political, and social contexts underlying it all.
Keep this manifesto, and those who are truly visionary will exhort themselves to provide this world with word of the wonders that may be to come. For example, examine the efforts of This small company, these few hearty souls recently announced to the space access world in Phoenix last month (April, 2004) that within seven years they would produce a gateway to space, lifting material to orbit for pennies per ton. If this is true - test the statements yourself - the doors of heaven are open as only science fiction has opened them heretofore. Perhaps someone will write this up along with a companion fiction piece to expound on the meaning of it all.
Jun 1, 11:36 by John Frost

I am frankly astounded at how many qualified people volunteered to help with proofreading. (Nine!) It makes me even more excited about the future of IROSF -- not just because there will be fewer typos, which is always a good thing, but because the good will and interest among individuals of this caliber suggest that we really are filling a need out there.

The magazine still has some progress to make in filling that niche to my own satisfaction, but so far we seem to be on an upward track.

Thanks to all who expressed interest!

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