May 21, 15:47 by John Frost
Comments for the Sheila Williams interview...
May 22, 04:36 by Michael Jasper
Nice interview -- and timely, as well. Good job, Chris!
May 22, 06:17 by Chris Dodson
Thanks, Mike! Good to see ya!
May 22, 11:59 by Elizabeth Thomas
Thanks for doing the interview. It was a pleasure to read Ms. Williams' responses. :)
May 22, 12:44 by Jerry
Very well done, Chris. You have a nice hand with an interview, and also...
Thanks for the Bewildering Stories link.

May 22, 16:02 by Chris Dodson
Thanks for the kind words! Glad y'all liked it.
May 25, 09:52 by Jim Van Pelt
It's nice to see an interview with Shelia so early in her stewardship of Asimov's. Good work.
May 26, 06:33 by LP Turner
Excellent interview, because aspiring authors, c'est moi, can hang on every word, hoping to produce a wonderful, or simply an acceptable work of fiction or nonfiction. Is Sheila Williams, or perhaps Brian Bieniowski, attending Baycon this coming weekend (May 28-31) in San Jose, California?
Jun 3, 18:06 by Mike Bailey
Good interview, Chris. Nice to see you got this one!
Dec 5, 04:46 by Mike Bailey
Anyone know how to reach Chris?
mikebailey2000 @

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