John Brunner

Jun 21, 17:32 by John Frost
Comments on Ryder's piece on Brunner
Jun 28, 11:38 by Adrian Simmons
Environmental degredation. A troublesome issue.

I'll say right at the start here that I've never read any of Mr. Brunner's books (although I do want to read 'The Sheep Look Up').

I did just hack my way through Al Gore's 'Earth in the Balance'.

What I find scary isn't so much that we'll produce so much air pollution that we have to wear gas masks, as much as we'll produce just enough green house gas to raise the temperature just enough for some fungus to dramatically increase its range and destroy 90% of the wheat crop for two years.

Any thoughts?

Jul 3, 20:09 by Chris Exner
I've been a huge fan of Brunner's since I started reading SF and was extremely pleased by Mr. Ryder's piece on this author. Brunner was a mad genius for his time and it's nice to see some one give him the recognition he deserves. Another book that was mentioned briefly in this article, which I recommend is The Jagged Orbit. This book introduced the "cut-up" type of writing which made Brunner famous, and a story that never stops twisting and surprising you. A cyberpunk novel, before there was cyberpunk.
Nov 8, 14:25 by Ryder W. Miller
Thank you Chris. I think we need to worry about a variety of environmental issues.
Feb 16, 10:12 by
nice post
Feb 16, 10:12 by

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