D & D 30th anniversary

Aug 19, 09:29 by travitt hamilton
Apparently this is the 30 anniversary of the advent of Dungeons and Dragons, and there is a gaming convention in Indianapolis this weekend (I think). A feature or essay on the phenomenon might be cool.
Aug 19, 13:24 by Bluejack
Wow. I still remember the incredible thrill of my first D&D game. The blue box, the 5 dice in the shape of the five perfect solids, each a different color... that first paperback ruleset with the graph-paper dungeon in the back... man that was an incredible thrill.

I don't have time to write an article though.
Aug 19, 20:43 by travitt hamilton
I have to say, I've only played the game once, way back in the mid '80s, I guess. I'm interested in it more as a cultural phenomenon than as a game. Remember the urban legends about the guys who were playing a full-scale, constumed and armed game in the sewers, and one of them ended up dead? And the nascent Christian wing-nuts going all ape-shit about it being Satanic, just like with the Harry Potter stuff now. Who was more freaky, the book burning bible thumpers or the roll players? I know who I'd rather hang with.

Also, did the folks who were into D & D morph into the Civil War reenactors? Or the societies for creative anachronism, or the medieval faire types, or the historical interpretive park costumed actors?

If anyone out there is going to the convention this weekend, take notes and let us know how it was.
Feb 6, 04:47 by Mike Coombes
I played D&D once... it didn't do it for me.

Tried live role-playing. Armour. Swords. Real bruises. Cool!
Feb 6, 10:12 by Bluejack
Was that SCA-style fighting or something else? Some of the LARP I've seen has been incredibly LAME. But the kind where the armor is steel, and heavy; and the shield gives you a bruise just holding it; and when the sword thwacks your helmet it's stars and darkness... that's pretty fun.

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