General Comments on the Issue

Aug 21, 19:52 by John Frost
Constructive criticism welcome. Praise, too.
Aug 22, 06:10 by John Boyden
I write editorials too. *chuckle* I enjoyed this one: ir was simple, to the point and likely answered an often asked question and provided good promotion of the magazine. Not a bad accomplishment, at all, at all. I do regret you will not be at Dragon*Con this year.

Aug 22, 06:42 by Janine Stinson
Nonsense, I read the editorials in each issue. I read everything in every issue! I like most of it, and that includes the editorials; it's always instructive to read which of his thoughts a publication's editor feels are fit for public consumption. Thanks for keeping them interesting.
Aug 24, 21:07 by Mike Brotherton
Just out of curiosity, if you don't mind sharing, what is the readership up to?
Aug 25, 13:58 by Bluejack
Just under 2,000 right now, although of course we haven't instituted any sort of payment requirements yet. Even as it is, the fact that creating an account is required dissuades a substantial percentage of visitors who poke around the site without setting up an account. It seems as though about 2/3 of registered visitors visit within the first week of a new issue being up.

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