A Trip to the Science Fiction Museum

Aug 21, 19:54 by John Frost
Comments on Paul Allen's Cool Toys...
Aug 22, 14:24 by Mahesh Raj Mohan
Nicely written, Greg. I'm pleased to know that SFM treats written SF with respect, and represents it well. Looks like it will be worth a jaunt...
Aug 22, 20:41 by Mike Brotherton
Very good coverage in the space allotted, Greg. I just went a few weeks ago myself, as part of a 10 year Clarion West reunion. My classmate Syne Mitchell is on the SFM advisory board and actually has her latest book on display (The Changeling Plague), which was very cool to see with her next to me.

My favorite thing was not flashy, except in my head. It was an original letter from Robert Heinlein responding to a request by Ted Sturgeon for story ideas. Sturgeon asked people for story ideas! And Heinlein gave them to him! And he used them! Now, this kind of thing probably happens all the time still, but by email, and it isn't in a museum. I don't know, maybe today it's a hundred or a thousand emails between Cory Doctorow and Charlie Stross or something.

My biggest criticism of the place was the pathetic gift shop! It's about the size of a closet, carries very few books or movies, and the "SFM" logo stuff is all in junior sizes and boring, what little they had. For starters, every book on display should be available for purchase in some edition or other. They're missing an opportunity to make some money, or at least spread the word home after the memory of the museum trip fades.
Aug 27, 12:51 by Stace Johnson
Thanks for the excellent write up of the SFM, Greg. I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and had plans to visit both the SFM and the EMP (being both a science fiction and a music geek), but those plans fell through and I never made it there.

The next time I'm in Seattle, the SFM is top priority for me.
Sep 14, 14:58 by LeslieH
Hey Greg,

Go look at the website as of September 1st - eleven local author readings at SFM and a cool,landmark SF FIlm History series with discussion afterwards by local authors and film critics. Fun article and good feedback. Are you still in Bellingham? Cheers!

Jan 31, 16:15 by John Farquhar
Hey There Greg,

Loved your review. Am planning a surprise anniversary for Isabel this weekend to include dinner at the Space Needle and an All Stravinsky night at the ballet. Didn't know if visiting the SFM the same weekend would be a disappointment or another thrill. But, given this review, I think we'll try it.

I, too, checked out the SFM events and was surprised to find so few. With a good local board, maybe they will figure it out.


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