The Comic Conundrum

Aug 21, 19:54 by John Frost
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Aug 22, 20:56 by Mike Brotherton
I read comics, and I like comics. But I don't have the time or energy to go to something like Comic-Con unless I can justify it to myself as promoting my sf writing career. I hadn't realized that the con (which I'd heard about for years) had panels on sf. Can anyone comment on whether or not this is a good con for an sf writer with a novel or two out to hit? Were the sf writers ignored? Were their panels well attended? Did dealers carry sf novels?

And just to out-geek you, I have a "REVENGE of the JEDI" that, Sith Lord!
Aug 22, 21:03 by Mahesh Raj Mohan
Hi mbrother. I'm not sure if it has been helpful to the sff authors who have gone there, but I would assume yes, since Del Rey had a real presence there. But you're wise not to go unless you can justify the expense.

Nick Mamatas wrote in his journal that he and Peter David and Margaret Weis twiddled their thumbs at their post-panel signings, but that Chris Paolini and Terry Brooks had a lot of folks lined up. There were a few people lined up for the China Mieville signing as well (but I went to his second or third signing of the con).

The panels were quite well-attended--not small enough to be in the obscure, out of the way rooms, but not big enough for the huge auditoriums. Decent-sized.

And there were several dealers who carried sff novels. Mysterious Galaxy was the most notable; they had tons of panelists' books on hand, many of which had not reached most stores yet (Mamatas', Faust's, Mieville's...)

And you have out-geeked me. I don't have a 'Revenge of the Jedi' t-shirt, but I do have a poster...

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