Site Down This Morning

Aug 27, 12:53 by Bluejack
Due to a failed router, IROSF was unavailable for some time this morning -- probably about half an hour. Failed routers are one of those things that are hard to fix without actually going to where the router is (and yelling at it, and possibly kicking it a little).

Just joking. I treat my routers very gently. It's on a chicken soup treatment for the next week. Hopefully it will pull through -- or at least not die before I have a chance to obtain a replacement.
Aug 27, 13:48 by Bluejack
And... in fact... it looks like something wacky is still going on. I'll be investigating.
Sep 1, 18:02 by Bluejack
So, it looks like our router is on its last legs; until a new one arrives, the site may be slow to respond or unreachable on occasion. I am getting quite good at reviving it for a few hours at a time, but even a healthy dose of new firmware wasn't enough, so... sorry!
Sep 7, 16:39 by Bluejack
... and... it died. The router that's on order has not yet arrived, but with extreme measures, I have managed to prop this one up for a little while longer.
Sep 11, 12:58 by Bluejack
New router has arrived and is up and running. Hopefully that will be the last of the downtime for a while. While I was at it I added a UPS with super duper extra surge protection. (I think the electricity in our office is a little flaky, which may have contributed toward the death of the router.)

Now, back to the real work.

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