Proposed Schedule Change

Sep 12, 15:01 by John Frost
It's not clear to me that people have really grasped our
publication schedule -- the 21st of each month doesn't seem
to fit well into people's memory. I get a lot of mail along
the lines of "Did you miss an issue? Is IROSF deceased?" I
think this is primarily because the issue is named for the
month it comes out in, which, given that it comes out on the 21st, makes it look staler than it is for three weeks.

Additionally, the 21st can fall on a weekend (5 times out of 7, one might expect). People don't seem to use the internet much on weekends, so a schedule that fits into a regular month/week cycle might be better.

Accordingly, I am thinking about changing the schedule of publication to the Last Monday of the Month, with the issue to be named for the Upcoming Month. That would mean our next issue would be Mon., Sept. 27th.

Sep 12, 15:54 by Kim Gonzalez
That sounds sensible to me.
Sep 12, 22:15 by travitt hamilton
Sounds good to me.

Sep 13, 10:56 by Carey McGee
The plan seems fine to me, though I don't know if anything other than publishing on the first of the month is going to cement in people's minds.
Sep 14, 08:47 by Niall Harrison
As others have said, sounds like a good idea.
Sep 21, 20:05 by Kim Gonzalez
If you haven't already, you might want to change the little blurb that says "Published monthly on the 21st" (or something to that effect).
Sep 17, 05:14 by Christina Francine
I agree with Kim. To take away, or at least lower confusion maybe put "Published monthly on the 21st" or something similiar.
Sep 18, 07:15 by Daniel M. Kimmel
It makes sense, and would have the issue with the current month on it for most of that month.

Now if you could just let authors know when their articles might be scheduled to appear...
Dec 31, 07:04 by Omieno
Sounds awesome indeed. Omieno from Towson Tow Truck
Feb 14, 10:57 by
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