Ellen Datlow

Sep 27, 21:13 by John Frost
Discussion of the interview with Ellen...

(For the article itself: click here.)
Sep 28, 09:20 by Bluejack
I'd like to add, that I did the typesetting of the photos for this interview, and that was just one beautiful photograph of jellyfish among many stunning pictures.
Sep 28, 11:36 by Dawn Burnell
Very neat. I always like seeing info on my favorite pros in the field. Thanks John for this article on Ellen.

Sep 28, 14:57 by Ellen Datlow
Thanks, Bluejack--the jellyfish were beautifully backlit in the Boston aquarium :-)

Dawn, John asked good questions.
Sep 29, 11:18 by Kim Gonzalez
I like getting a peek into the lives of my favorite writers and editors. I've enjoyed the Years Best SFH for some time now so this was a neat treat for me! Thanks John and Ellen!
Sep 29, 18:26 by Ellen Datlow
Thanks :-) But you know it's YBFH not SF, right? Gardner does the latter...
Sep 30, 17:58 by Kim Gonzalez
I do, my brain's just not communicating well with my fingers. :)
Nov 4, 13:11 by M Yuan-Innes
Ellen and John, thanks for the informative interview and the deservedly praised jellyfish picture.

I checked out your gallery. I liked how you included a piece of Victoriana in your section on friends. The dolls were disturbing. I guess that's the point. :*)


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