The Hugos Ruined My Life

Sep 27, 21:14 by John Frost
Discussion of Jay Lake's article.

(For the article itself: click here.)
Sep 28, 06:27 by Ken Scholes
Heartful congrats, Jay, and an excellent article!
Sep 28, 08:14 by shawn scarber
Excellent article, felt I was right there with you. Congratulations.
Sep 28, 11:04 by Jerry Robinette
As Wilde would say (in a Monty Python skit) "The only thing worse than being a finalist for two major awards in the same year early in your career is NOT being a finalist for two major awards in the same year early in your career!" It may have been a strange trip, but you earned it, and you'll find a way to integrate it into your life. What the Heck, take some time, celebrate (then then get back to work ....)

Sep 28, 16:01 by Lou Antonelli
Stop it, Jay, you're scaring me!

Actually, a really interesting article.

Another typical good writing job.
Oct 28, 07:36 by John O'Neill
Hi Jay,

Terrific article. Congrats on the award, of course. It's well deserved -- not just for the quality of the work, but because of the energy you bring to the field. You're not just talented, you're hard working, and it really shows.

Very sorry to see that the tally included "one broken marriage," though. You didn't touch on that in the article, for good reasons I'm sure. It must have been very hard. You have my sympathies.

Next time we run into each other at a con, I'll buy you lunch. Keep me posted.

- John

John O'Neill
Black Gate

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