Of All Possible Worlds

Sep 27, 21:15 by John Frost
Want to talk about WorldCon?

(For the article itself: click here.)
Sep 27, 21:50 by Cheryl Morgan
Aw Matt, thanks! I promise to cry when you win one. (And I do mean "when".)
Oct 1, 09:37 by LP Turner
What a sagious and comprehensive wit you have. For one who narrowly escaped attending the WorldCon, I deeply appreciate the written tour. I felt like I was there. And, it only took an hour to read. If I ever attend another Con, I'll nominate you for, at least, the non-fiction Hugo.
Oct 17, 23:45 by Michael-Xavier Maelstrom

Danke for that Mr. Cheney, it reminded me why I continue to return to IROSF. Healthy arculate fasciculus; thoughtful intelligent insightful opine und an good command of ad'verb'iage.

I'd like to eat your brain.

(Consider it an exercise in subdued psychofancy - Ed)

Go away Ed.


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