Horror's Hearth and Home

Sep 27, 21:16 by John Frost
Discussion of Steven's study of the history of horror.

(To read the article itself, click here.)
Sep 29, 07:39 by Adrian Simmons
Good article. I don't even like horror stories, and I thought this article rocked.

For reasons I cannot fully explain, I've always avoided Poppy Z. Brite's work. In the essay, her work sounds a lot like 'Near Dark'- a classic vampire movie of the 80s.

Oct 2, 16:10 by Steven Wedel
Glad you liked it, Goblin. Hmm. Brite and "Near Dark." Similar concept in some ways, but Brite's book really didn't have an upbeat ending like in the movie and it seemed more ... depraved. There are no taboos in a Brite story.

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