Apocalypse Array

Sep 27, 21:17 by John Frost
Discussion of Lyda Morehouse's book or series...

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Sep 28, 17:56 by Jennifer Pelland
This series is probably one of the most underrated in science fiction today. I'm constantly surprised that it's not doing better sales-wise. In fact, one of the books in the series (my favorite, of course) has gone out of print. And that's a damned shame.
Sep 30, 06:56 by Alyx Dellamonica
I agree--they deserve tons of attention and readership. I know I'm recommending them to anyone who will listen!
Oct 22, 13:49 by Kelly Robson
I agree that they're super books, very enjoyable and original. But I am surprised -- happily surprised -- that they've been published at all. I mean: Angels having sex with humans is bottom-of-the-slush-pile concept. Lyda elevates it, and her editor should be praised for looking beyond the concept to the good books they are.

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