Not Really a bug (login)

Sep 28, 14:28 by Dawn Burnell
I'm just wondering if there is a way to change my login. I had assumed it was just a login area and didn't know it would be my forum name. I'd like to have my real name associate to my forum postings. I checked my Account and it won't let me change it there. I'd rather not have to get another subscription to be able to change this as I like which e-mail addie I have subbed here.


Sep 28, 14:35 by John Frost
Thanks Dawn, you're not the first to request that. Hopefully bluejack will be doing some forum upgrades towards the end of this year, and that's top of the list for the forums. People will be able to choose whether they want their real name or username to appear on forum postings. (Also, a preview button for posting, some debugging on some of the formatting codes, some UI improvements for better navigation, a functional button for new messages since you were last here, and some HTML improvements for older browsers such as WebTV.)
Sep 28, 21:43 by Dawn Burnell
Thanks for the quick response. I'll just live a while longer then. ;-)

Sep 29, 09:27 by Kim Gonzalez
Cool, I've wondered about that too.

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