Sep 29, 07:45 by Kim Gonzalez
It might be interesting to see an article on Spaceshipone (today's launch) and the X Prize, or "the space race" in general, tied in to SF.
Sep 29, 09:18 by John Frost
You thinking about writing it Kim, or just tossing it out there for someone to pick up? Sounds like a possibility...
Sep 29, 09:26 by Kim Gonzalez
Tossing it out there for a possibility, especially since I'm not that well-read in SF beyond the Star Wars tie-ins I read as a kid, and what I've been assigned as a freelancer. :)
Sep 29, 09:30 by Dawn Burnell
I'd been interested in such an article. I'd also be interested in researching such an article, though I'm a bit down on my early pre-moon/space SF reading.


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