lesser-known greats

Sep 30, 04:11 by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
How about articles on classic sf writers who aren't that well known anymore: specifically, the likes of Cordwainer Smith, Barry N Malzberg or Eric Frank Russell?
Sep 30, 16:17 by John Frost
Always looking for good critical work on such authors. If you want to write one yourself, or you think you know someone who would be particularly good at writing about someone, just let me know.
Sep 30, 22:58 by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
I could have a go at writing about Cordwainer Smith. What would you broadly look out for in a good critical overview?

Oct 1, 09:48 by Dawn Burnell
There are handy guidelines here: http://www.irosf.com/guidelines.qsml

Feb 18, 09:33 by marydejong227@outlook.com
I can suggest writers who used to write my paper for me at college. They are true professionals and can provide you with a critical review of any kind.

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