Mary Rickert

Oct 25, 23:01 by John Frost
Any comments on Mary Rickert's work, or this interview? This is the place.

(For the article itself: click here.)
Oct 26, 13:14 by Marty Halpern
M. RICKERT has sold first short fiction collection A VERY LITTLE MADNESS to Marty Halpern at Golden Gryphon Press. The stories will be written as by Annie Merchant, the protagonist in "Map of Dreams," the previously unpublished novella that opens the collection. Full wraparound cover art will be provided by the initmitable Thomas Canty.
Nov 3, 20:26 by Charlie Finlay
Great interview. I love to hear Mary talk about writing as much as I love to read her fiction. Very smart lessons of all types in there, especially for discerning writers.

Thanks for publishing this. And the collection is great news -- can't wait to see it.

Nov 16, 09:47 by Karina Sumner-Smith
I don't believe I've read any of M. Rickert's fiction, but clearly I have to, and soon! I felt little shocks as a read this, both of similar feeling and of realization. There's a lot to think about in here. It's an amazing interview -- one I'll surely read again. Thank you both.

Nov 23, 19:21 by Elizabeth Thomas
M. Rickert is an excellent writer. My particular favorite of hers that I have read so far is the near-future s.f. horror "Bread and Bombs," but I've enjoyed the other stories I've read by her as well. This is a nice interview, thanks.

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