Pulp Frisson

Oct 25, 23:03 by John Frost
Discussion of Steven Utley's article.

(For the article itself: click here.)
Oct 26, 03:09 by Michael Bishop
What a ride, Steven! And Steven's not lying, folks, about owning a variety of the pulps himself. I've seen them stacked in boxes in a closet in his house in Smyrna, Tennessee, each one heremetically sealed (or nearly so) in plastic covers, although he does in fact pull them out and read them even as he's plowing through a volume by Proust, Henry (or William) James, or Edith Wharton. And I, too, wish that I could have placed a story in some of those now defunct publications. Good work, friend.
Oct 26, 03:20 by Carey McGee
Sorry for the off-topic comment, but there really seems to be an overrepresentation of Tennesseeans here at IROSF. I recall that in the introduce yourself thread that most of the people had some connection to TN. What's with all the Vols? (I ask this as a Tennesseean myself, though only in spirit, since I've been out of the USA for the past five years.)
Oct 28, 08:22 by Lou Antonelli
Great article, Steve! Enjoyed it! By the time was into science fiction, like when I was 12 (that Golden Age) these mags were gone. I never really saw them in the wild.

Lou Antonelli
Circa 1957

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