Exploring Theodore Sturgeon

Oct 25, 23:05 by John Frost
Discussion of Sturgeon, or Sturgill's essay, or the strange coincidence of their respective last names.

(For the article itself: click here.)
Oct 27, 10:13 by Robert Richardson
Very nice overview. Makes me realize how little Sturgeon I've actually read and makes me think I should do something about it.
Oct 27, 14:33 by Jeremiah Sturgill
I'm glad you liked it! And, of course, please do read up on your Sturgeon. It might help to find the short stories that people consistently refer back to ("Mr. Costello, Hero," "Die, Maestro, Die," of course, "Saucer of Loneliness," "Bianca's Hands," "To Here and Easel," and so on) to whet your appetite. Once you've tasted his best, you should be filled with an insatiable desire to read everything he's ever written.

Or that's how it seemed to work with me.

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