Humanoids instead of Superheros

Oct 25, 23:06 by John Frost
Discussion of the Humanoids line of graphic novels.

(For the article itself: click here.)
Oct 27, 05:46 by Michael Williams
The very long running Valerian series of SF bades-desinees has also been very influential, but sadly only a handful have ever been translated into English.

On a recent visit to Paris I was struck by the size of the b-d sections in major bookstores and the cross-section of people browsing them. Not the Simpsonesque fat spotty males of Anglo-comic stores but a really diverse range of youngsters, business people, middle-aged women.
Nov 1, 11:47 by Adrian Simmons
You're review of TECHNOPRIESTS and METABARONS brought back memories of the early 90s for me. Back in the day before I found HEAVY METAL just too offensive to take, I noticed that a lot of European work, while compelling, was totally bunk as far as the technology went. The lasers vs. swords thing. It just didn't add up.

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