Small Beer Press

Oct 25, 23:07 by John Frost
Discussion of this press, or Rich Horton's coverage of same.

(For the article itself: click here.)
Oct 26, 07:00 by Lois Tilton
Just a local note on Stevenson's =Trash Sex Magic=: The town called "Berne" is morelikely Geneva than St Charles. Both have a bridge with a dam, but I think the bridge with the foxes is the one in Geneva.
Oct 26, 18:49 by Richard Horton
Thanks, Lois!

Geneva and St. Charles are just far enough away in the wrong direction from my place of birth (Naperville) that I didn't know them well enough to recognize them. (I jumped to conclusions based on Stevenson's bio.)

Oct 28, 03:37 by Gregory Feeley
I'm not sure why Rich calls the appearance of Small Beer titles a "yearly event," since Small Beer has published a couple times a year since their founding. (And he forgot the two Carol Emshwiller titles.)
Oct 28, 20:21 by Richard Horton
I did forget the Carol Emshwiller titles -- unforgivably, as those are two outstanding books. (A novel, <I>The Mount</I>, and a story collection, <I>Report From the Men's Club</I>.)

As for "yearly event", that's how I perceive the books' timing -- though they may actually appear in different months, I have tended to notice their release in clumps. Certainly I bought <I>Trash Sex Magic</I> and <I>Perfect Circle</I> at the same time. But I apologize for any imprecision.

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