editorial essay by Tee Morris

Nov 29, 17:54 by Allan Rosewarne
No "off topic"! Taking that as an earnest sentiment.

In July 2004 on the [u]Strange Horizons[/u] site Morris Tee wrote an editoria essay with the somewhat pretentious title "The Sci-Fi(sic) Superiority Complex: Elitism in SF/F/H' http://www.strangehorizons.com/2004/20040712/elitism.shtml

Mr. Tee through the essay retells that a friend of his who runs conventions said that 'including media discussion programing in a convention schedule dumbed the overall tone of the convention down'; therefore, it was not worth the trouble to include.

He goes on to recount the attitude of many convention attendees regarding media fans coming to 'their' conventions.

Near the end of his essay he revisits the issue of fantasy vs SF. Saying that fantasy is bad because it is soft, lacks realism, unintelligent and formulaic (of course the unspoken implication is that SF is all non-formulaic, hard, realistic and intelligent). Mr Tee further asserts that he has been told 'Fantasy is for readers not smart enough to read Science Fiction'.
Nov 29, 22:36 by Carey McGee
You might be interested in reading John's editorial and Jay Lake's essay in the July IROSF, both of which dealt with this and attendant issues.

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