December issue?

Dec 7, 08:53 by John Joseph Adams
So where's the December issue? It should have appeared at the end of November, right?
Dec 7, 14:16 by Bluejack
It should have.

I sent out a notice to subscribers who have contact preferences set to receive such things that we are undergoing a bit of editorial change at IROSF, which has delayed our current issue.

For those who didn't receive that email, I will copy it into the next message.
Dec 7, 14:19 by Bluejack
Dear subscriber:

Normally, at about this time of the month, you would receive an email from John Frost, inviting you to read the latest issue of the Internet Review of Science Fiction.

Unfortunately, difficult circumstances for John mean difficult circumstances for IROSF: John will be unable to continue his role as E-in-C at IROSF for the forseeable future, and we find ourselves somewhat of a rudderless ship.
I do want to be clear that this situation is lamented by everyone at IROSF, most especially John, but that it is a personal matter.

This note has four purposes:

(1) To those of you who are wondering when the next installment of IROSF is due, give us a couple of weeks.

(2) To those of you who have submitted something recently, or are waiting for paperwork... give us a couple of weeks.

(3) To those of you wondering if this means the end of IROSF: give us a couple of weeks. We are going to need to figure out a way of proceeding that will keep IROSF a useful part of the genre community, whether that means finding a new editor to keep it on track, or whether it will mean a less centralized structure remains to be decided.

(4) To anyone who has editorial experience, and a fair amount of spare energy, a passion for essays and reviews about genre fiction, and the inclination to jump headfirst into a new role, talk to me.

L. Blunt Jackson

(Publisher, IROSF)

PS to the forums: the response from this email was overwhelming, and inspiring. Many people have volunteered their help, and a number of people have expressed interest in the possibility of editorship. The other editors and I will sit down and sort through these offers once we get the next issue out.

Dec 10, 14:03 by Dawn Burnell
Oh, glad you posted this. I've been wondering where my issue was. Now I know. Good luck!
Dec 21, 11:21 by Bluejack
Well, at long long last, it looks like we're done. We'll have the new issue posted in an hour or two! Emails will go out, etc. etc.
Dec 21, 19:18 by Jim Van Pelt
Hi, Blunt. Glad to see things are running and looking up. I missed my IROSF fix a few weeks ago.
Feb 22, 10:05 by l0ser
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Feb 22, 10:48 by Bluejack
Blah, that's one reason not to allow anonymous posting. I guess I need to add some moderator privileges so we can nuke posts like that more easily.
Dec 31, 06:54 by Omieno
True sentiments. I agree with you guys

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