The December Issue

Dec 21, 12:18 by Bluejack
Late & a little light. But see the editorial for why. Down, maybe, but not out!

(And the editorial is... here.)
Dec 24, 10:15 by Bluejack
Happy holidays everyone!
Dec 24, 16:58 by Mahesh Raj Mohan
I'm sorry John left, but you all did a great job with this issue. Looking forward to the next ones!
Dec 28, 13:06 by Dawn Burnell
Just curious as to how you contacted the readers. I'm a subscriber and I'm registered for the forums, but I didn't receive a mail.

Also, should people resubmit any outstanding queries that were with John before he left?
Dec 28, 15:41 by Bluejack
At this point I believe we have contacted all those who have known submissions or queries in to us; there's a small number of outstanding submissions which we should have responses to within a week to ten days. If you haven't heard from us by now, please do resubmit anything to me (for now: we also hope to have a new editor-in-chief within about 2 weeks.

Realistically, I think the next issue will be out at the end of January, and I guess we'll call it the February issue. We had 11 issues total in 2004, and I hope we can do 11 more in 2005 (that being, sans the January issue: next January's issue, published in December, would be a 12th published issue in the year, but it will be counted towards 2006).

As for sending email to readers: I sent email to all those subscribers who have their preferences set to "notify when a new issue is out." (Reason: a new issue *wasn't* out, which is sort of a related topic.) It should be noted that a great many emails seem to get caught in spam filters of one sort or another these days. I clicked through the web-authorize links on earthlink and related sites for well over 100 emails this month. Also, there were about 35 rejected emails (mailbox over quota, user unknown, etc.) -- you might want to double check that we have the correct email on file.

Jan 3, 12:25 by Dawn Burnell
Thanks for the update. I didn't have "new issue" set so I set that one. And I'll resubmit my query.
Jan 9, 09:29 by Michael-Xavier Maelstrom
Do you 'ave ANY idea what a vapid wasteland of lark's vomit it is out there on the Internet when it comes to -quality content- particularly of the "professional quiet" kind?

The alchemy 'ere that results in minimal flash, maximum informed opine serves a beverage that we are not often treated to on the net.

So, Please do not make me go back out there looking for a place like IROSF again.

It is a Quest far more perilous than the one's involving dragons and rings.

And one, I suspect, in which one (this one) will suffer the indignity of growing old, trying.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Sometimes.
Jan 9, 13:14 by Bluejack
Lark's vomit??? It doesn't say anything about lark's vomit!

Ah it does, on the bottom of the box, after monosodium glutamate.

Seriously, thanks Michael.
Jan 19, 07:41 by Adrian Simmons
So what happened to John Frost, if I may ask? Sudden illness? Finally met a better knife-fighter?
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