Jack Vance

Dec 21, 12:28 by Bluejack
Any comments, feedback, or more observations on Jack Vance, this is the place.

(For the article, click here.)
Dec 23, 07:37 by Adrian Simmons
Great article. I read THE BLUE PLANET (although I think it was called THE BLUE WORLD). My parents used to rave about the book when I was a kid, but they had lost their copy. Thanks to the eerie powers of the internet I was able to snag a copy. And one for my folks.

It is a fantastic book, and has all the strengths that the article atributes to Mr. Vance- a unique world, unique societies, and a unique problem.

I've heard of the Cugel stories, but didn't know they were Mr. Vances until I read this article.

... is Jack Vance still alive? Heck if I know.
Apr 1, 13:18 by Twisk
Yep, he is still alive. Good for us!

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