A Report from Archon 28

Jan 31, 20:54 by Bluejack

Anyone else been to this con? What do you think of regional cons?

(Elizabeth Barrette's article is here.)
May 21, 12:26 by Allan Rosewarne
I guess I'm adding this message because one of the best regional cons around is coming up in about six days. WISCON in Madison, WI http://www.sf3.org/wiscon FWIW, Ms Barette is going to be a panel person there. The con's Guest of Honors's (GOH) are Robin McKinley and Gwenyth Jones.
May 21, 18:34 by Bluejack
WisCon (website) is in some circles The Big Event of the year. Notably liberal/literary sci-fi circles. WisCon is "the world's only feminist science fiction convention," but take that with a grain of salt. I would be surprised if there weren't some other feminist con out there, and people go to WisCon for much more than feminism! I'm afraid I won't be able to make it (again), but hopefully someone (taraswizard?) will write up a report on it!


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